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Running in 2018

A Year in Review

· Racing and Training

In 2018, road running became trail running, marathons became ultramarathons, and business books became ultrarunning books.

Lots of firsts - I ran my first ultra, did my first triathlon, joined my first run crew, and even volunteered to run an aid station at an ultra.

Lot's of doing things before I was "ready" - I ran my first 2 trail races without trail running shoes. I bought my first road bike a month before my first Ironman, and fell twice on my first ride. I competed in my first 2 triathlons without a tri-suit, and I'm pretty sure I was the only one at the Ironman Whistler not in a triathlon race kit (literally).

My longest run was 51 miles. My best result was a 2nd place finish. Racing took me to Catalina, Big Sur, Lake Tahoe, Whistler, and Big Bear, and also took me to deeper places within myself.

I ran 100 miles with 10,000 ft of vertical climbing per month on average, and learned that consistency is a force multiplier. I worked though multiple injuries in the process, and learned to listen to my body (thanks Coach Megan). I ate shit on my bike my first time riding with clipless pedals, and learned that there are no shortcuts. I pissed blood after a race, and learned how to push myself farther than I imagined.

The funny thing is, I didn't come into the year with the intention to go so big. I had the Catalina Marathon on the calendar in March, but that was it. At first, I thought it was just going to be another marathon, only a little bit harder than my first. But to train for Catalina, I had to get out on the trails, and trail running hooked me.

On Instagram I posted, "I love trail running for the same reasons as surfing and snowboarding. It’s where thrill meets nature. It’s not just about the activity, but the adventure, travel, and lifestyle that it inspires. The drive to go faster or farther, and with more style and flow. Being immersed in the raw beauty of the world, even when I stop to catch a breath - in the ocean in between sets, on top of the mountain about to drop in, or at the vista point on the trail - my breath is constantly taken away."

But different than surfing and snowboarding, there is more of a science to running. It's highly measurable, with tangible goals and results, which I like. As I struggled with a career change and multiple business failures in 2018, my running goals filled the void and kept me motivated.

There is also the strategy of nutrition and recovery that comes with running and training. I attended a Fueling for Endurance webinar which inspired to me enroll in Nutrition School and pursue health and nutrition coaching as a side hustle or potential career.

Running has changed my life. I'm truly amazed at what the mind can endure and the body can accomplish. What started as a little challenge to run a half marathon in 2016, and led to a push to cross a full marathon of my bucket list in 2017, has now turned into a full blown passion in 2018. Running is one of my passions, and it's here to stay.

By the Numbers

Total miles ran: 1200 miles ran

Total Elevation climbed: 120,000 ft climbed

Total runs: 139 runs

Total hours of running: 192 hours of running

Number of races: 7 races

Total spent on race entries: $1109

Biking stats: 790 miles on the bike

Swimming stats: 20,000 yards (~11 miles) swam

Total swim+bike+run workouts: 188 total workouts

Total hours of swim+bike+run: 245 hours total 

TOTAL MILES: 2000 miles

Total smoothies drank: A LOT of smoothies 

Wednesday Night Run Crew

By far, the best thing I did for my running this year was getting linked up with the WNRC. Such a rad group of people. Running is now about much more than the running, it's about the community and friendships.

Racing Recap

Catalina Marathon

Date: March 10, Time: 3:55:59, Place: 27th overall, 5th M30-34

Full race recap here.

Big Sur 21-Miler

Date: April 28, Time: 2:38:04, Pace: 7:31, Place: 5th overall

Full race recap here.

Whoo's in El Moro 50k

Date: May 8, Time: 5h 10m, Place: 9th overall

Full race recap here.

Mare Island Bridge to Bridge, Vallejo CA - Sprint Triathlon

Date: May 27, Place: 2nd overall

Broken Arrow Skyrace, Squaw Valley Tahoe - 26k

Date: June 17, Time: 3:53:47

Full race recap here.

Ironman 70.3 Whistler

Date: July 28, Swim split: 34m, Bike split: 3h 4m, Run split: 1h 59m, Total time: 5h 46m, Place: 21st M30-34

Full race recap here.

Kodiak 50 Miler, Big Bear CA

Date: August 18, Time: 12h 34m, Place: 30th overall

Full race recap here.

Memorable Trail Runs

Double Dipsea - 13.4 miles with 3400 ft of vert - classic trail run with Derek and Cabs. (March)

Mt. Baldy plus the 3 T's (Timber Peak, Telegraph Peak, Thunder Peak) - 20 miles with 7200 ft of vert - baggin' peaks with Travis, Jesse and Eric, it was my first big long run with the boys, and my most elevation gain to date. (May)

Skyline to the Sea Trail - 22 miles with 4200 ft of vert - sneaking in a good one with Derek before Cassandra's wedding, and Derek's longest run ever. (June)

Shady Canyon to El Moro Canyon - 28 miles with 4300 ft of vert - Big training run before Kodiak with Jesse and Ben, I wanted to quit at mile 7 but pushed through, built a ton of confidence and experience in this run. (August)

Bulldog Trail at Malibu Creek State Park - 15 miles with 2800 ft of vert - exploring the LA trails with Jordan. (September)

Lahaina Pali Trail in Maui - 10.4 miles with 1740 ft of vert - A solo run under the windmills in Maui. (October)

Western States Trail in Auburn CA - 9.3 miles with 1700 ft of vert, solo run on a misty morning, hitting Training Hill trail and Wendell Robie trail, crossing "No Hands" Bridge and with the old and tall Foresthill Bridge in the distance. (December)

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