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  • How It Works

    1 : 1 Coaching Sessions

    Free Introductory Session

    • Where are you now?
    • Where do you want to go?
    • What's holding you back from getting there?
    • How do you think a coach can help?
    • Decide if we are a good fit, and discuss coaching packages.

    Session 1

    • Decide on a tangible goal.
    • How do we get there and where do we start?
    • How will we track it? (actions and results)
    • What challenges should we expect?
    • What will we follow up on next time?

    Session 2 through X

    • Follow up
    • Discuss progress or challenges, answer questions, make adjustments. 
    • What will we follow up on next time?

    Session X through Y

    • Follow up
    • Celebrate successes and progress!!
    • Discuss new topics
    • Set bigger goals or layer on new goals and habits
  • Coaching Philosophy

    I believe that if information was the answer, we'd all be billionaires with perfect abs...

    That's a quote from Derek Sivers, and one of my favorite quotes of all time. You can find the answer to all your questions in a book or on the internet. There is a How-to blog post or YouTube tutorial for everything. Yet still, we all struggle with living the life we really want. The value of a coach isn't in the advice or information you receive. It's in the guidance, accountability, motivation, and support that comes with a coach, and the confidence, discipline and momentum even after the coaching is over.

    I believe in the 10% difference...

    90% of coaching is self-coaching. Action, repetition, and personal reflection are far greater teachers than a coach. Because of this, I think that the magic really happens in between coaching sessions. But I also believe that coaching is the 10% difference. We all face challenges, setbacks, burnout, boredom, anxiety, and fear when trying to achieve our goals. The probability of success is 10X greater because of the 10% difference that a coach can make.

    I believe in a highly customized approach...

    In nutrition school I was taught about bio-individuality, that a diet or approach that works for one person doesn't mean it will work for another. I think that listening is the most important skill of a coach, and is crucial to figure out what a client needs. There are no scripts for my practice, and instead I try and team up with clients to create the best possible program, one that gives highly tailored support.

  • Testimonials

    Laura G.

    July 2019

    "Jarric is incredible!! Not only did I hit my weight loss goal, I got so much more than I thought I needed. Not only am I physically healthy, I am mentally healthy. Weight loss can be a vulnerable topic, but when I wasn't doing so great with my diet or exercise, he never judged me. He is always kind and helps you problem solve without judgement. I loved his 6 month program so much and have learned so much that I am continuing health coaching once a month!"

    Matt P.

    December 2018

    “Jarric has been an amazing guide and has provided a great support system on my quest to become healthier. Over the past 4 months I’ve lost over 25 pounds after decades of struggling with my weight. I feel so much healthier because of the eating changes and workout routine I’ve started. After many false starts over the years he has helped me find what I consider to be the easiest and most sustainable approach to getting healthier that I’ve ever tried.”

    Shawn P.

    August 2018

    “Jarric far exceeded my expectations as a coach. He is one of the most personable coaches I’ve ever met and he has saved my butt from many situations just by being an extremely nonjudgmental yet helpful coach. I’ve received thousands of dollars of value IMO in just two months. He genuinely wants to see you win & has the patience of the marathon runner he is! Best decision of the year for me easily."

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  • Credentials

    Certified Health Coach

    IIN - Health Coaching Training Program

    1 year-long program focused on holistic health, nutrition, and coaching accreditation.

    Certified Digital Coach


    A community of goal-setters and world-class coaches, working inside a mobile app platform designed based on the latest research on psychology and behavior design.

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