• Hi, I'm Jarric.

    I live in Orange County CA, and when I'm not health coaching, I'm probably surfing, snowboarding, running trails, or training for Ironman.

  • Coaching + Health

    Health coaching is the collision of 2 passions.

    My Passion for Coaching

    Right after college, I got hired into a job where I got to coach and mentor college students on leadership and business skills, and help them launch successful careers. It wasn't a high paying job, but I loved it. I was part sales and performance coach, and part career coach. I loved giving talks on leadership, goal setting, productivity, habits, and overcoming fear. I climbed the ranks of the company, and became the coach to the coaches. I eventually ran the company, which had over 100 employees and did over $3.5MM in annual revenue. Our mission was "to be the best career learning experience for all our people", and I woke up every morning excited about the impact I was making.


    After 10 years with that company, it was finally time to pass the business on to younger, up-and-coming leaders. And after 10 years, my career path was set: I wanted to continue to impact people through coaching.


    In 2012, as a fun side project, I launched an iPhone app called Smart Goals that helped people set and manage goals and track their habits. I learned a ton about systems and frameworks for achieving goals and building habits. Recently, I've become a certified habit coach on the Coach.me platform, where I have learned even more about how to help people build positive habits that last.


    It’s become my mission to help people accomplish their goals.

    My Health Journey

    I recently ran my first 50 mile ultramarathon in the mountains of Big Bear, CA. I love trail running for the same reasons as surfing and snowboarding. It’s where thrill meets nature. It’s not just about the activity, but the adventure, travel, and lifestyle that it inspires. The drive to go faster or farther, and with more style and flow. Being immersed in the raw beauty of the world, even when I stop to catch a breath - in the ocean in between sets, on top of the mountain about to drop in, or at the vista point on the trail - my breath is constantly taken away. My current lifestyle is the healthiest and happiest it's ever been, but it wasn't always this way...


    My twenties were wild in a much different way. I became a Vice President at my company by age 25, I was traveling the world, and had an amazing social life. But beneath the surface, bad habits were slowly spiraling out of control, and what started as fun and games slowing became reckless and self-destructive behavior. I was burning the candle at both ends. Credit card debt was piling up and I pretended it didn’t matter. A blood test showed that I had liver damage, and I started to realize that I wasn’t invincible. The final tipping point was a ruined relationship. I finally saw the truth: I wasn’t happy with who I was or the life I was living, and needed to change.


    Change started with a plan to get out of debt, and a few healthy habits.


    I cut way back on the drinking. I started surfing and snowboarding again. I traded the bars and nightclubs for the beach and mountains, and was having way more fun.


    I watched every health documentary on Netflix. I started juicing and eating more vegetables. As a way to eat more vegetables, I decided to experiment with a vegetarian diet, and that small experiment turned into a permanent lifestyle change.


    I started to experiment with other health goals. I changed my sleeping habits and started doing yoga. I started running again.


    My life was transformed one healthy habit at a time.


    Then my health goals got bigger. I ran my first half marathon in 2016, my first full marathon in 2017, my first ultramarathon in 2018, and my first Ironman in 2019. I have learned a ton about nutrition, fueling for endurance, and optimizing my diet for performance and recovery. I am truly amazed at what the healthy human body is capable of!


    Health and nutrition has become the keystone to living my best life.

    Becoming a Health Coach

    I was instantly drawn to health coaching from the moment I learned what a health coach was. I had been passionate about coaching for a long time, and realized it would be an amazing opportunity to help people transform their lives through health and wellness, like I had transformed mine.


    I enrolled at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition because their major philosophy is that health is not just about food and diet, but also about exercise, relationships, career, spiritual, and other life factors that relate to someone’s overall well being. All the kale smoothies in the world can't help someone who's drowning in debt or in a toxic relationship. My own healthy journey proves this true, and as an IIN Health Coach, I integrate all these aspects in my support of a client.

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